Vantage Tour Participation Agreement

Are you planning on embarking on a Vantage Tour adventure? If so, make sure you review and understand the Vantage Tour Participation Agreement before signing on the dotted line.

The Participation Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your travel experience with Vantage. It covers everything from payment and cancellation policies to passport and visa requirements.

One important aspect to note is the cancellation policy. Vantage offers a tiered cancellation policy, meaning the closer you get to your departure date, the more you will be charged if you need to cancel your trip. It`s important to review this policy thoroughly and consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment.

The Participation Agreement also covers the responsibility of both you and Vantage during the tour. As a participant, you are responsible for following the tour itinerary and guidelines, as well as adhering to local laws and customs. Vantage is responsible for providing you with quality accommodations, transportation, and knowledgeable guides.

Additionally, the agreement covers important safety information, such as the risks associated with adventure travel and the steps Vantage takes to mitigate those risks. It`s crucial to review this information carefully and bring any concerns to the attention of your Vantage representative.

Finally, the Participation Agreement covers how disputes between you and Vantage will be resolved, typically through binding arbitration.

In conclusion, before embarking on your Vantage Tour adventure, take the time to read and understand the Participation Agreement. It will provide you with important information about your travel experience and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.